JOCELYN Catterson was rushing to get out the door Thursday morning, but the Del Norte-based artist was gracious and took some time to talk about the poster she designed for this weekend’s True Penitence Climbing Festival, Oct. 14-16 at Penitente Canyon.

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Here are 5 Questions with the artist

1.) How did you get approached or hear about the opportunity for the Penitence Climbing Festival poster?
I live here in Del Norte, and the community has been incredibly supportive of me and my art. Sol Mountain Farm asked me to do their poster for their annual Shakedown event, and the owners of the farm also do a lot of work with the climbing nonprofit. So they were happy with that initial poster and asked me to do the climbing poster as well. It’s just being out in the community and interacting with people and building those connections and having a wonderful community that supports local artists.

2.) Are you a climber?
I have been a climber at different points in my life; not so much anymore. I actually hike in penitente a fair amount. All of my art is very much grounded in the San Luis Valley and the San Juans, and so I know the rock formations from being out there from hiking and I’ve had some wonderful experiences with wildlife. The rocks on the poster are specifically Penitente, and I had a vision with a raven with climbing gear.

3.) You do a variety around public lands. What’s that about?
I originally, well my bachelor’s degree is in resource conservation actually, so public lands have been a focus of mine since high school. I did a lot of environmental education, eco-schools. It’s still a passion of mine, so my art, I think art can be a pretty incredible advocacy tool as well. I worked with Salida Forest Service this summer as their artist in residence and basically I love public lands. Most of my art work is grounded in the space and the place we live in.

4.) We’ve seen your snowboard art as well. That looks like an interesting niche for you to play around in?
Yeah, Monarch Mountain is doing a snowboard art show and they gave snowboards to a lot of different artists around the area, and every artist gets to do what they want with it and they will be on display on the mountain this winter. It’s been a really fun project.

5.) Why Del Norte? How long have you been here?
My partner and I bought a house in May, so not too long. Both of us grew up in Colorado and have been sort of driving to this area or coming to this area most of our lives. The Sand Dunes and the San Luis Valley have always had a hold on my psyche, so to speak. Honestly what brought us to the Valley originally was my partner was offered a teaching job in the area and once we were down here, we fell in love and knew this is where we need to be.

You can see more of Jocelyn’s art work at:

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Jocelyn Catterson art
Jocelyn Catterson art

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