WITH spring around the corner and tourism season picking up, the short-term rental market comes more in demand. Which leads us to: Remind us what the city of Alamosa did a year ago when it looked at how to apply a local ordinance to the situation.

We reached out to Alamosa Planning and Development Specialist Deacon Aspinwall for the answer: 

Alamosa Citizen: Can you tell us how Alamosa ended up or where it is with short-term rental policy and the number of short-term rentals currently registered in the city limits?

Deacon: We currently have 43 licensed STRs and an additional 2 Bed & Breakfasts.


The ordinance and two accompanying resolutions passed in late April have remained unchanged. In brief, the ordinance added or clarified the following regulations for STRs vs. the existing regulations:

  • Established 10 short-term rental zones, where number of STR licenses are capped at 5 percent of the total number of housing units within each zone
  • Clarifies on-site versus on-street parking requirements
  • Reinforces all short-term renters are responsible for adhering to city ordinances
  • Establishes that licenses are transferable to other owners but may be revoked or non-renewed for violations
  • Requires the city to notify all property owners within 100 feet when a new license is granted
  • Requires a local owner or operator who is responsible for compliance and must respond to any issues within 24 hours
  • Sets standards for STR rentals in multifamily units
  • Requires STRs to have smoke detectors, carbon monoxide detectors and fire extinguishers
  • Requires basic building safety inspections when a new license is applied for
  • Requires annual license renewal
  • Distinguishes STR properties that are occupied by owners who live on-site for at least nine months per year as “Bed and Breakfast Inns.” These units would still need a business license but are not required to have an STR license and are not subject to the license caps within each zone.

The resolutions adopted the STR map and set the STR fees: $750 for new licenses, $300 for renewals.

 An interactive map of STR units and STR zones, as well as the waiting list, and all application materials and regulations are available on the city’s website.