Hell devote his time to promoting public awareness of the Maestas school segregation case and S.P.D.T.U, and taking care of his mom

By cvlopez | clopez@alamosacitizen.com

“I do remember the first time I put on the robe.” Martín Gonzales is answering questions about his 25-year career as judge and he’s recalling moments which stand out over that period.

He announced at the start of the year his retirement from the Colorado 12th Judicial District Court, where he has presided from the bench since 2007. A process to select his replacement is underway, and it’s not lost on him the amount of time he’s been on the bench and the youthfulness of attorneys who present before him.

“You know, I’m starting to feel like a 3-day-old fish on the counter. So I figure it’s time to go,” he said, a grin crossing his face.

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