Bridge over a river

The road to Continental Reservoir has been reopened. After being weight restricted since 2021 due to a failing bridge abutment and closed for the past month for repairs to the bridge just below the dam, Forest Road 513.1A reopened on Thursday, Aug. 24, to full traffic.

“I am so pleased to announce the return to unrestricted access to this popular fishing destination,” said Kristen Schmidt, acting ranger for the Rio Grande National Forest Divide Ranger District. “I also want to thank everyone for their understanding during that long period of unfortunate restrictions. We take our commitment to public safety seriously and believe that was the safest measure we could take until the repairs were made.” Schmidt also expressed her sincere appreciation for the Forest’s Engineering team, which conducted the lengthy repairs in-house.

PHOTO: A creek view of the recently repaired bridge on road 513.1A at Continental reservoir.