TWO air service providers responded to a request for proposals for air transportation at the San Luis Valley Regional Airport in Alamosa, giving the U.S. Department of Transportation timely options to replace SkyWest following its announcement to discontinue service.

Boutique Air and Denver Air Connection met a March 10 deadline for the DOT’s Essential Air Service proposals, according to Alamosa County Attorney Jason Kelly. It was a process underway before SkyWest gave notice that it is discontinuing service and gives the Department of Transportation an opportunity to replace SkyWest.

Alamosa County Commissioners will review the two proposals and make a recommendation to the DOT. Boutique Air was the air service provider before SkyWest. Denver Air Connection is a subsidiary of Key Lime Air.

The DOT issued a hold in order on SkyWest’s termination notice, essentially requiring the airline to continue providing air service at the Alamosa Regional Airport until a replacement is named. With both Boutique Air and Denver Air Connection responding to the Essential Air Service request, it’s possible for Alamosa to have a new air service provider within the next 3 months, Kelly said.