A chilling tale for Halloween

Originally published Oct 30, 2021

NARRATOR: Let us take you back to a mysterious night in 1968, full of strange happenings that have never been explained …

ON Harry King’s ranch just north of Alamosa, authorities are investigating the discovery of a 3-year-old mare found stripped of flesh from neck to head. Mr. King, the ranch owner, found the horse roughly a quarter-mile from the ranch house.

He called the horse “Snippy,” and when he found the Appaloosa there was no blood on or around the body, and the flesh appeared to have been removed neatly and with precision, according to the incident report.

Local investigators also said there were a number of darkened patches that look like scorch or exhaust marks found in the vicinity of the carcass. In addition, roughly 100 yards away from Snippy, investigators discovered a shrub which was squashed nearly flat, and nearby was a “series of six small, round indentations in the ground, arranged in a circle.”

An Air Force-funded team from CU Boulder has been summoned for further investigation of the mystery surrounding Snippy’s death. In addition to the CU team, Duane E. Martin, a forestry aide with the U.S. Forestry Service, who is qualified in radiological monitoring, has been asked to bring in a radiation device to measure for possible radiation in the area.

As news spread of Snippy’s discovery, townspeople began venturing out to the site to get a gander for themselves. Some think Snippy’s demise is the work of UFOs that have long been spotted in the San Luis Valley. Investigators aren’t willing to go that far, yet, but acknowledge that the death of Snippy is a mystery.

One person on scene reported that her palm became incredibly itchy after handling a piece of the hide of the horse, and that a “sickly-sweet smell hung in the air around the body.”

Whether the mystery of how and why Snippy died will ever be solved is the question hanging over the investigation. Were aliens responsible? If so, why would aliens mutilate Snippy the horse? Or, was Snippy devoured by a colony of radioactive ants, as one German biochemist theorizes?

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