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The Colorado Department of Transportation and the Colorado State Patrol are beginning their longest DUI enforcement period. From Thursday, Sept. 14, through Wednesday, Oct 25, CDOT and CSP are joining with local law enforcement throughout the state to increase the presence of DUI patrols. 

In 2022, there were 1,407 impaired driving arrests during the same enforcement period, according to CDOT. With that in mind, CDOT and other officials recommend always planning for a sober ride home. Whether that is weekend football or hanging out with friends, be prepared to go where you need without driving while impaired. 

According to CDOT, so far in 2023 there have been 3,788 DUI arrests during heightened enforcement periods. Also to date, there have been 148 traffic fatalities from crashes involving an impaired driver.

“That’s 148 people that won’t make it home to their families,” said Colorado State Patrol Chief Colonel Matthew C. Packard. “On a very basic and personal level, you need to ask yourself how you can get behind the wheel of a vehicle after you’ve been drinking alcohol or consuming drugs. Our enforcement efforts are one way to prevent impaired driving deaths, but this is an ongoing epidemic that can only be reversed when this choice becomes personal and you, your friends and your loved ones commit to sober driving.”

Go here for yearly impaired driving crash and fatality data in Colorado. For local law enforcement agency plans, follow this link here

Reminders to stay safe this season:

  • Plan ahead and find a sober ride before leaving your home.
  • Use a rideshare service if you are planning to drink.
  • Buzzed driving is drunk driving. Even one drink is enough to impair your driving ability. 

“No matter the time of year or occasion, you should never be in the driver’s seat if you are under the influence of any substance,” said CDOT’s Office of Transportation Safety Director Darrell Lingk. “We are doing our part to keep Colorado roads safe; do your part and choose a sober ride every time.”

About the Heat is On Campaign

The CDOT Highway Safety Office provides funding to Colorado law enforcement for impaired driving enforcement, education and awareness campaigns. The Heat Is On campaign runs throughout the year, with 16 specific high-visibility impaired driving enforcement periods centered on national holidays and large public events. Enforcement periods can include sobriety checkpoints, saturation patrols and additional law enforcement on duty dedicated to impaired driving enforcement. Find more details about the campaign, including impaired driving enforcement plans, arrest totals and safety tips at HeatIsOnColorado.com

More information about DUI laws in Colorado can be found at NoDUIColorado.org. Learn more about CDOT’s dedication to keeping Colorado roads safe, including impaired driving enforcement objectives, arrest data and safety information at codot.gov/safety.