Short-term rental discussion
at City Hall Wednesday

Short-term rentals are the subject of a Wednesday evening work session at Alamosa City Hall. The city of Alamosa has been working to determine the impacts of short-term rentals on overall housing stock and is discussing possible city guidelines for owners of short-term rentals.

The community work session begins at 6 p.m. on Wednesday. The evening includes a presentation from city staff, a city council discussion, public comments, and a discussion on regulatory options.

Listen to the latest Valley Pod episode with Preston Porter of Porter Realty. He talks about the hot real estate market in the Valley and gets into the short-term rental discussion. 

More letters against
Renewable Water Resources

Farmers and county commissioners from across the San Luis Valley have sent letters in opposition to the three Douglas County commissioners studying the RWR plan for possible investment.

Hundreds of farmers who attended the Southern Rocky Mountain Ag Conference joined the “Protect the San Luis Valley Water” movement in petitioning Douglas County commissioners to oppose the RWR proposal.

In a separate letter, county commissioners from each of the six counties in the Valley also voiced opposition and asked Douglas County to not get involved with the RWR plan.

You can read a growing collection of letters in opposition to the RWR plan here.

Rio Grande State of Basin
Symposium is Feb. 26

“In Scarcity, Opportunity for Community” is the theme for the Salazar Rio Grande del Norte Center’s Rio Grande State of the Basin Symposium this year. These words, from the pen of the late Colorado Supreme Court Justice Greg Hobbs, are as timely as ever, as the San Luis Valley faces water scarcity from several directions.

The symposium will address questions such as, What is the status of our water supply? What are the current threats and opportunities?

“In the past, when our water has been at risk, this community has come together to protect our water future. This is the opportunity ahead, if we rise to it,” said Salazar Rio Grande del Norte Center Director Rio de la Vista.

Maria E. Montoya, a Global Network associate professor of history at New York University and the dean of Arts and Sciences at NYU Shanghai, is the keynote speaker for the Feb. 26 event.

“We’re looking forward to hearing a new voice and a global perspective on water scarcity and communities from our keynote speaker this year, historian Dr. Maria E. Montoya in her presentation, ‘A Look at Water Scarcity Globally: From the American West to China,’” said de la Vista.

The community is invited to join the virtual event on Saturday, Feb. 26, from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. Co-hosted by the Salazar Rio Grande del Norte Center at Adams State University and the Rio Grande Water Conservation District, the event is free and open to the public. Register for the event here.

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