IN the end, it was Rep. Lauren Boebert by a whisker over challenger Adam Frisch. The congresswoman who represents Colorado’s Third Congressional District that includes the six-county San Luis Valley, scored a 554-vote win over Frisch, unofficially. In all, 327,110 votes were cast.

Boebert claimed victory and Frisch conceded the race in social media postings Friday.

The Colorado Secretary of State Office is working through its post-election official certification of all the Nov. 8 races; the final vote will be certified in December.

Boebert will be part of a Republican-majority House of Representatives. The U.S. Senate remains in control of the Democratic majority that includes Colorado Sens. Michael Bennet, who won re-election Nov. 8, and John Hickenlooper.

Boebert will serve two more years in the House of Representatives until the next election in 2024.