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with host Chris Lopez

episode 150: Devon Peña

Devon Peña updates us on the People’s Market, the Acequia Institute, and more on his recent projects that instill a “dirt to gut” attitude. There is also an inside look as what it means to indigenize foods.

episode 147: Latin American Educational Foundation

 Latin American Educational Foundation CEO Nick Lopez and Program Services Coordinator Lia Carpio join The Citizen. We talk about LAEF scholarships awarded to SLV students who are interested in future careers in Oral Health.

episode 146: Mario Caetano

Adams State Women’s Basketball head coach joins The Citizen to talk college-level D2 basketball. The team is holding their own and continuing to rule the court. Caetano gives insight to the current Grizzly team.

episode 143: Brianna Robles

Brianna Robles knows the season. For her and her Adams State cross country teammates, it’s championship season, when national titles are won and history is made.

episode 142: Anna Vargas

Anna Vargas, sixth-generation native of the San Luis Valley joins The Citizen to talk how her roots have inspired her passions. She currently works with the San Luis Valley Ecosystem Council. She is deeply rooted to the land, the water, and the people of the San Luis Valley.

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with host Marty Jones

episode 22: Mick Daniel, Esteban Salazar, DJ Salazar

Esteban Salazar and DJ Salazar come on to the Outdoor Citizen to talk about their upcoming events and the importance of getting outside during the winter months. Valley Veterans Recreation is doing an ice-fishing tournament on January 13 at Mountain Home. SLV Go!’s Mick Daniel reflects on the last year. He also shares more about the SLV Go! innovative Tin Can Camp project.

episode 21: Wil Rickards

Wil Rickards coordinator of the Adams State Adventure Program shares on his beginnings in the UK. Rickards is an advocate for being the “best person you can be,” and how outdoor recreation plays a part in that.

episode 20: Craig Cotten

Division 3 Water Engineer Craig Cotten joins The Outdoor Citizen to talk the latest water season. He also talks about the Rio Grande Compact lawsuit, which is headed for the U.S. Supreme Court.

episode 19: Chuck Sullivan

Chuck Sullivan, talks about ‘The Wright,’ a Colorado based non-profit organization. Focused on making connections with community and culture, Sullivan brings opportunity for deeper connection to the people of the Valley.

episode 18: Sebastian Campos

Avid Valley race runner Sebastian Campos comes back to the Valley to talk with Marty Jones. He talks about climbing the highest peak in Mexico and his passion for outdoor race adventures. Campos says, “there’s no better time than the present to be from the Valley, in the Valley, and for the Valley.”

episode 17: Angela Lee

Angela Lee Co-founder of the SLV Climbers Alliance joins Marty Jones to talk climbing in the San Luis Valley. Lee shares more about the Alliance itself and its three distinct goals.

episode 16: Sean Sluyter & Dani Robben

Sean Sluyter the new Outdoor Recreation supervisor joins Jones to talk about upcoming projects at the end of September. Dani Robben shares more on the Dark Skies event.

episode 15: Audrey Liu

Audrey Liu tells more about Habitat for Humanity’s Bike2Ride. Liu and host Marty Jones discuss this year’s Bike2Ride.

episode 14: AVSAR’s Jeff Tokar

Alamosa Volunteer Search and Rescue’s vice president talks with The Outdoor Citizen about their mission. Their event Suds4SAR is August 19.

episode 13: Nathan Samora and DJ Salazar | PLUS: Armando Vigil

Nathan Samora and DJ Salazar talk involving Veterans in outdoor recreation. They work to build of sense of social community for Veterans and their families within the SLV community. PLUS: Armando Vigil on the Rio Grande Farm Park including the Rising Stewards program.


episode 22: Yael Defaye

After an almost 8-month hiatus, Creative Citizen Maddy Ahlborn is back. She interviews Yael Defaye, a photographer who creates a sense of the unknown to contrast with events from our daily lives. Listen to Maddy and Yael’s conversation from Friday evening April 14th, 2023. Learn more about Yael, his story, and his work: IG: @yaeldefaye Website:

episode 21: Spadefoot Story Slam

Al Stone from the Spadefoot Story Slam gives insight to the community project that is the story slam. They offer deeper understanding to the importance of story-telling and how to get involved in The Valley.

episode 20: Jean Alger

Jean Alger talks with the Citizen about her life as a writer living in the Valley and her work as a current resident.

episode 19: Grantley Showalter

Executive Director of the Alamosa Bicycle Coalition chats with the Citizen about bike culture and the importance of bike access in the Valley.

episode 18: Steve Kindsfather

Steve Kindsfather owner and operator of Kindsfather Knives talks with the Citizen about the craft of blacksmithing and the importance of a good blade