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By Malena Vanderford | Adams State University

BEGINNING in October 2021, Yaumny House LLC & CFPI of Colorado, in collaboration with Adams State University and Salida High School, have hosted a 10-week study of a new mental health program, using student body participants on the ASU and SHS campuses.

The program, known as Vision Journaling Live™, has historically shown promise as a tool for creating or discovering purpose in life, developing a plan for attainment, and building the good habits necessary to assure success. The results coming in from the Adams State and Salida High study have so far substantiated results in other venues.

The study of this program has been facilitated by Melena Vanderford, a CFPI administrative intern and an ASU psychology student. ASU oversight of the study has come through the Department of Psychology. Said Vanderford: “The skills promoted and taught during the course of the VJ LIVE™ program are ground-zero basic necessities for establishing a path forward in life, and this is what so many young students leaving high school lack. Many juniors and seniors have only the most general notion of what they envision for themselves going forward, but far fewer have given thought to the details. This program not only brings a participant to the planning table, but empowers them, through tested and proven neuroscientific methodologies, to change the shape of their thinking and by doing so, alter the course of their destiny.”

The Vision Journaling Live method is a decade-long joint creation of Dwayne Vanderford,  CFPI executive director and CEO at Yaumny House LLC; and Bruce H. Lipton, Ph.D., an internationally known Stanford University stem cell research scientist and professor at the University of Wisconsin’s School of Medicine. Dr. Lipton is perhaps best known for his discoveries, dating from the 1970s forward, in epigenetics and his bestselling treatise on the subject, The Biology of Belief.

In a recent statement, Dwayne Vanderford wrote, “The Vision Journaling development project was initiated with the primary intention of delivering life-engineering tools to youth preparing for graduation as well 

as those who may have lost their way and need a fresh start. I’m very proud of Melena and her work with both ASU and SHS on this study. The results have been more significant than we had anticipated.”

The project wishes to recognize Alamosa and Salida local businesses who have been key financial contributors to the study’s success: Amicas Pizza & Microbrew, Walmart, Joyful Journey, First Southwest Bank, RG Bank, San Luis Federal Bank, Salida Gun Shop, Free the Monkey, Salida Pharmacy & Fountain, 50 Burger, and J&J Rental. Secondary donations come from: The Dragonfly Gift Shop, City Market, Walbangers, Riveting Jewlry, Yolo, Salida Mountain Sports, Kristi Mountain Sports, and Inspired Electric Motorsports.

“Without their donations and support, we would not have had the resources to reward the participants with scholarships as we have,” said Melena Vanderford.

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