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DURING an emotional Wednesday at Mountain Valley School, students walked out in a morning protest and town residents crowded the school gymnasium in the evening to hold a vote of no confidence on the school board and call for the immediate resignation of four of the five board members.

The activity was in support of Superintendent Jeff Bollinger, whose contract was not renewed after only a year in the job. The community meeting also raised allegations of unethical school board practices, violations of Colorado’s Sunshine Law governing public bodies, and reprisals against school staff.

Yvette Reinsel speaks at the meeting. Read her full remarks HERE.

Yvette Reinsel, who was one of three speakers at the community meeting, said organizers sent numerous requests asking to have a special board meeting Wednesday. 

“Only one of the board members acknowledged our requests,” she said to the crowd.

“Mountain Valley School Students, Parents, Educators and Staff, we have been wronged,” Reinsel continued. “We as a community must come together. Together, we can right these infractions upon us, our families, our children, and our friends. We as parents, teachers, and support staff deserve better, but mostly, our students deserve better.” (Read her full remarks HERE.)

The Mountain Valley School District has around 170 students in pre-K through 12th grade. 

Bollinger and his wife sat in the back of the gymnasium during the 30-minute community meeting. At the end he stepped forward and thanked the town residents for their efforts and support.

“I’ve never had a community support me and my family in such a fashion. And so for those of  you that have been fighting for me, it is so much appreciated and it will be something that we hold in our hearts for the rest of our lives,” he said. “It’s amazing what we have seen, that people are willing to risk themselves for us. It is emotional.”

See his full remarks in this video:

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